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Arkansas, the 3rd world state of America

SO my trip to see my parents for Christmas did’t turn out so well.  A trip that normally takes 6 hours turned into 14!!!!!  It was as if Arkansas just closed the doors and turned off the lights after the snow storm came through.  There was really no excuse for this.  Cars were all over the road, semi trucks turned over.  We sat on the road not moving for over 2 hours.  It was totally ridiculous and I’m ashamed to be from that godforsaken state.


First real snow of the winter

Well it looks like we are going to get some substantial snow for the area.  Of course I never look forward to having to drive in it, but it should be interesting, pretty at the least.

What is in the water around here?

Man, what the heck is wrong with this part of the country?!?!?!  Women killing mothers and ripping their kids out of them!  Who breeds these crazy kooks?  You have got to be pretty messed up in the head.  However that is no defense.  It’s time to start frying these bitches and maybe that will set an example!

Holiday shipping

One has to wonder, when it comes to holiday shopping, why shipping an item, even ordered way in advance, has to take so fricking long.  I could understand if we were talking about a week before christmas, but it seems almost expected for retailers to have more leeway and be able to slip on ordering schedules. 

I’m just a little ticked because  because I ordered all of Tinna’s gifts online and now it is looking like NONE of them are going to arrive before christmas.  Extremely disappointing both for me and her.  I think they do it on purpose, so they can sell expensive overpriced next day shipping.


Well we went and looked at this famed LG phone today.  It isn’t bad looking, though I have some reservations about quality.  It is an LG after all.


This is my first mobile post.

People and Cell phones

I put this under hobbies, because apparently for some people, seeing how fast you can get the latest cell phone and then post a "review" about it seems to be a hobby.  I really don’t understand it really.

Case in point.  There is this new phone, it is made by LG.  Well the LG-325 is the 2nd phone for SprintPCS that has bluetooth (some people say its the 4th, but thats another story).  Anyhow, I’ve never seen so much hype over a single device.  I happen to have a Sony Ericsson T608.  It isn’t the best phone in the world, but it does bluetooth, and it certainly isnt the worst. 

People think the LG-325 is the best thing, but the stupid thing cannot even connect to a laptop.  Sprint disabled half of the stuff on the phone.

In the meantime I’ll be sticking with my T608.