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Krackow the hack

Earth to Hackow, the SMT5600 is a joke because it is on GSM.

It is a travesty to have nearly perfect hardware and then write a glowing review about a phone strapped to such a slow network!

Hackow….lets be real!  No phone, howewver great the device is, can be awesome unless it is EDGE or 1xRTT!


$10000 prize for the first to blow up Titan.

I am offering $10000 for the first person who purposefully blows up the Saturn moon of Titan.

As you may know, it ws recently confirmed by scientists that Titan is a planet with a methane atmosphere and complete lack of oxygen.

I will pay anyone $10000 who intentionally sends an incenderary device to Titan and ignites the methane, therefore blowing the planet up.

Accidental explosions of Titan do not qualify for the prize.

Upon verification of titan on fire and exploding, I will pay the intragalactic anarchist a sum of $10000 US. 

MN-700…..not a picture perfect router

  Well I got this router hoping for flawless performance.  It seems it has a few issues.  For the most part it works fine, and it has a great user interface.  THe biggest problem is that it randomly crashes.

I’ll continue to work with it.  I know my last handful of posts have been a little downbeat, and I promise to post something a little more upbeat as soon as something upbeat happens 🙂

MCE 2005 is junk

Well, I just discovered that Windows Media Center Edition is total junk.  You cannot join a domain with the new version, however you could with the 2004 edition.  I’m not sure what Microsoft was thinking.

I wanted MCE2005 because they have a new cool think for Xbox that allows you to play media from MCE2005.  Unfortunately you have to have 2005, 2004 won’t work.  Microsoft also takes it upon themselves to only allow you to get MCE2005 if you get a new computer, however I have found ways around that