HP ZV6000 review Initial Thoughts

had my ZV6000 for 4 days now. I recieved it 9 das from when I ordered it at Office Depot. I have the following configuration:

Athlon 64 3200+
512m RAM
128m ATi Radeon 200M with Hypermemory
54(g) Broadcom wireless with Bluetooth
15.4 WXGA Widescreen Display
40G HD

The cost of this unit was $778 including tax. This reflects $200 in rebates ($450 if you take the $300 in hotel coupons)

A few comments about my config before I move on. The hard drive will be upgraded shortly with cheaper, faster drive from Pricewatch. I didn’t get BrightView becuse I hate the glare, and I got the 8x DVD-ROM because I have two faster and more capable burners in my PCs.

First of all, if you want a small laptop for travel, this is NOT for you. This is a desktop replacement unit. It is very large and heavy. However if you want a desktop replacement you can take with you then this is definitely the unit for you.


The speed of this unit is quite amazing. The Athlon64 seems to make up for any shortcoming the stock hard drive introduces. 512 RAM is definitely a must. The widescreen display is very nice, resolution is at a nice readable 1280×800. You an also S-video out to a TV. And the HP tools allow you to direct applications like DVD playback if the TV is attached. I have not had a chance to really benchmark the graphics card, but it seems speedy for desktop graphics.

This has the best bluetooth module/driver stack I have used on a laptop. Every bluetooth device I have pairs flawlessly and all the services are supported. You can’t go wrong with Broadcom wireless 54g(TM). My router is also a Broadcom chipset which helps a lot.

The laptop has 4 USB ports on 3 sides of the laptop, so convienent placement is not a problem. Firewire and a SD card reader are also present. My one complaint about the ports is that you need the xb2000 docking station to get SPDIF out in order to plug into stereo system.


My one initial complaint is all the preinstalled junk that HP ships. They give you Microsoft Works which is trash to start with. Fortunately they also give you Office 2003 preinstalled so if you have an existing key you can acivate it and be on your way, or activate the 60 day trial.

This comes with Money 2005 (which I use) and you also get a free year to MSN Encarta Plus.

I’m not a XP Home user, but I got it on this laptop to try it out. One disappointing afterthought is that XP Home is not eligible for XP 64-bit Edition upgrades, though I am not sure if this laptop could fully benefit. At any rate, XP Home is sufficient if you can live with some of the obvious networking shortcomings.

It would be nice if you could clean up all the junk like AOL and MSN install files. Funny enough, they give you Sonic RecordNow! even though I didn’t get a DVD burner.

It also comes with muVee autoProducer, which appears to be a Windows Movie Maker for dummies. If you have an iPod you are in luck as iTunes is preinstalled.

The laptop comes with a trial of Norton SecuritySuite. That will be coming off after the trial is up.

All in all my initial impressions are very favorable. If you kep in mind that you’ll need to clean the junk off of it (or just format it to start with) then you have a very capable laptop.

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