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Talking about NEW: XBox WPA-enabled Wireless Adapter!



NEW: XBox WPA-enabled Wireless Adapter!

As many of you know, we stopped making wireless equipment, and right around the time everyone expected a update for the MN-740 XBox Wireless Adapter to enable WPA encryption, we canned the whole wireless line.
So imagine my surprise to see this: 
For those of you who own a MN-740 (or a few, like in my case), you’ll probably notice a remarkable similarity.  You’ll notice that the adapter now supports both 802.11b & 802.11a and most importantly, has WPA support while providing an update for the XBox to enable configuration through the XBox Console. 

This is the only external adapter I’ve found that supports WPA security as opposed to just WEP-128bit, which is trivially crackable.
So if you’re looking for a WPA-configurable wireless network adapter for your XBox to operate on your WPA-enabled wireless network, then this might be a great choice.



Canned wireless division or not I think it is a little irresponsible for MS to be right on the cusp of releasing a WPA update and then not release it.  1000s of MN-740 users are unsecure because of Microsoft’s irresponsibility.  This should be handed off to the Xbox group to finish it up and get this released.