Should we really rebuild New Orleans?

I think it’s time to sober up and realize the party is over.
Let’s look at the logic in this.  We have a plot of land that is 9 feet below sea level.  Before we start talking about the fact that the Netherlands do this, lets look at the practicality.
New Orleans not only fights the Gulf of Mexico to the south, it has to worry about lake Ponchitrain to the north.  In fact it was the lake levees that broke, not the Gulf of Mexico.  Exactly what do we gain by draining out a hole in the earth and rebuilding there?  So we can have a few drinks?  The fact is this area has been VERY lucky for over 200 years.
I think it would be in this federal government’s interest to not rebuild New Orleans.  When hurricane Andrew hit in 1992, the government essentially wrote off large areas and declared them inhospitable because there was too much liability.  Insurers should do the same.
I sit here in the city of Tulsa, tucked safely away in the midwest where only a few random tornados come through occasionally.  Both Tulsa, and other interior cities across the nation should offer HEAVY HEAVY incentives for displaced New Orelans corporations to relocate and in turn bring their workers with them.  What do you think Houston is doing?  You think they are loaning the Superdome for good publicity?  no, they know what they are doing by bringing people there, they are more likely to stay.  However, Houston is no more safe from hurricanes than New Orleans, so they are just postponing another disaster.  Move people inland, away from liability and towards safety.
Furthermore, about the oil situation.  Does anyone else now see how STUPID it is to put your refinieries right on the gulf coast?  What idiots allowed this to happen?  The only thing that should have been allowed on the coast are pumping stations to get the oil off the ships and transport it to interior refineries.  This is why we have the ness we do now.  Everyone jumped into the GOM craze and now look where it has led us.  Those prudent companies that decided to hedge their assets on the gulf coast are now reaping the investment of added infrastructure to bring the product inland.  Maybe the hundreds of energy company lemmings in Houston will decide maybe they too should move back inland.
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