Cataloging downtown Tulsa tenants – the Lerner building

Just to the north of the McFarlin building is a cute little art deco boutique building I will refer to as the Lerner Building.
I caught the name of this buidling from a picture of the McFarlin building and noticed something seemed familiar about the name "Lerner Shops" on the front.  Also noticing that it was a clothing store of some sort made me think this tenant was still around.
Lerner Stores is a very old brand with a pretty rich history, for a clothing store anyways.  Limited Brands (Victoria’s Secret, The Limited, Limited Too, etc)  bought out Lerner Shops.  At this juncture they were renamed Lerner New York, to reflect Lerner’s new York Heritage.
The unfortunate thing is that Limited Brands eventually spun Lerner New York off.  But before they did they renamed the entity, New York and Company.  Thereby officially killing the Lerner Shops legacy.
This is the company as it stands today.  I think they have maintained the same standards in apparel they did back when it was Lerner Shops.  You can even still visit a New York and Company store in Woodland Hills mall.
The lerner Building today remains vacant, and the owner of the building is unknown.
It would certainly be cute to see a New York and Company store reopen its doors in the location of the original Lerner Shops, though at this point, the amount of foot traffic in downtown Tulsa couldn’t keep the store open.  This isn’t to day that with some proper retail mix you couldn’t make such an endeavor possible.  "Open air malls" are becoming the hip thing to do these days.
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