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Talking about GM’s quarterly profit jumps after charges – Earnings –



GM’s quarterly profit jumps after charges – Earnings –


GM, stop lying to yourself.  More importantly, stop lying to us.  I’ve never seen such stupidity in my life.


“The Yukon, Yukon Denali, Escalade, Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanche — we love them,” Henderson said. “So do customers, that’s even more important.”


This is akin to a crack dealer saying that cocaine is good for you.  OF COURSE customers are going to buy your heaviliy discounted, bloated crap when you are GIVING away gas cards. 


GM, you are in deeper shit than you know it.  You can’t live off of SUVs forever and you better start thinking green.  You are the greatest PREVENTABLE environmental threat to the US and the world.


Talking about Oprah says she, Gayle are not gay – Celebrity News –



Oprah says she, Gayle are not gay – Celebrity News –



Hahahahahahahaha!  Well of COURSE she’s gay.  If she were to admit that she was she’d lose half of her fan base. (probably more)  She should just march on over to Ellen and announce it over there, they can just have a big day of reckoning.

Talking about Will Toyota make a play for GM? – BusinessWeek Online –



Will Toyota make a play for GM? – BusinessWeek Online –


Toyota simply can’t win on this one.  Personally I woud like to see them buy GM outright, liquidate the broken parts and bury the GM name….broken business models do not deserve to live in a free market society.  Unfortunately you are going to have rednecks shouting ridiculous nationalist slogans and starting boycott Japan crap.  Nevermind the fact that the alternative will be Japanese AND French.


Toyota will just have to accept the fact that the competition just got bigger, not better, and continue to do what they do best.

Ford June Sales, reading between the numbers.

Yes, the overall numbers stink, but lets look at what Ford is doing right.  First off in cars you have the Focus posting a minor gain, along with Mustang sales continuing to clip along.  I think by all accounts Five Hundred/Montego sales should be considered a failure since this is a new model and sales are only at 5.1%  Crown Vic and Grand Marquis sales were off, showing us yet again that the Panther platform deserves to die. 
I won’t get into Milan and Fusion sales because there are no year ago numbers.  Ford can scream success all they want until we see how things are doing next year.  As for Lincoln, this brand is showing exactly why Ford needs to do away with it, all Lincoln sales were horrid (Mark LT sales are not going to save Lincoln…time for Ford to trim the fat).
I’m really unsure how Ford is coming up with Land Rover’s sales numbers.  Across the board the green oval was down horribly except for the new Range Rover Sport which didn’t exist last year.  So comparing something to nothing and suddenly saying you have 12% increase in sales is pretty pathetic.
One trend that does seem to be emerging when looking closer at the SUV sales.  For those few SUVs that are selling, they are up market higher content vehicles.  For insance, you have the Explorer and Expedition tanking in sales, but the Mercury variants did well.  This could indicate that customers -when they do buy an SUV- are going for the brands that have a higher look of quality.  Of course us educated folks all know that the only difference in quality is the mercury badging. 
What went wrong at Volvo?  S60 sales are clipping along, but its pretty obvious the S80s days are numbers.  It simplly can’t continue these stagnant sales.  XC90 sales were way off too, suffering from the same SUV exodous.  The biggest surprise was S40 sales.  Simply no excuse to be off 9% from a year ago.  That is a hot car on a hot platform.  I think it undercores the need for Volvo to come out with an "R" variant.
Jaguar is suffering from stale models.  The new XK sold well, but everything else is dismal.  Its time for a refresh on the X-Type and S-Type ( I would get rid of the XJ completely).  2008 can’t come soon enough.  The X-Type also needs an R model.
Strangely enough Ford doesn’t bundle Mazda sales in.  Well I can tell you Mazda sales were great, because Mazda has fresh designs and good content.  Mazdas sales were up for the 9th month in a row.  perhaps this is because Mazda is really light on SUVs…..and those SUVs they do have are VERY appealing.  Turboed CX7?  How can you go wrong with that?

Talking about Nissan board approves GM alliance talks – Automotive –



Nissan board approves GM alliance talks – Automotive –


You want to see the results of a GM/Nissan alliance/  Look no further than Mazda/Ford.


Ford actually was doing a favor when it bought into Mazda years ago.  The plan was of course to make Mazda the platform builder for Ford products since apparently Japanese designs are better than anything the Ford mainline could muster.  This arrangement works similarly for the current Renault-Nissan arrangement, just look at the Nissan Versa/Renault Megane.


However, this apparently does nothing to boost mainline sales.  Ford’s June sales were dismal by all accounts.  Even with great cars running on top of the Mazda platforms (Fusion,Zephyr,Milan=Mazda6….Volvo S40=Mazda3) sales were just horrible.  no, GM can’t bail itself out of the mess its in just by pairing up with a Japanese maker.  The other fact is Asian platform sharing is nothing new to GM.  They do it with the Aveo (made by Daewoo), they did it with Toyota on the Vibe.  The problem with GM is they take a good asian platform and cheapen it to death, because they have created a customer base of cheapos.


So with those facts in mind, nothing GM can come up with Nissan is going to save them.  The following however will:


  They need to start closing brands and closing lines.  First on the block I would say is GM Trucks.  This redundancy with Chevy just needs to go away.  Either that or take Chevy trucks out of the lineup and only do GM trucks (not likely). 

 Next I would say Pontiac needs to take the dirt nap.  Its either that or Saturn, you take your pick. 


To its credit Cadillac has turned itself around, but its time for that gangsta rap Escalade to go away, along with any of its crossover variants.  Cadillac needs to be the premier luxo sports CAR brand.  It doesnt need SUVs no more than Lincoln does the Navigator.


Buick is the new Oldsmobile.  In this country it needs to go away.  GM can keep selling to the Chinese who think it is such a great brand (someone needs to educate them).


Hummer….back to the Army with you and get these horrible things off civilian streets.  Close the consumer brand.


I would severely par back the Chevy lineup, the SSR would go away, all of the truck based SUVs would go away save one…the Subruban.  No you aren’t going to hybrid your way out of this.  You are going to set a good example for America and go on a diet….as should your typical buyers.  Yukon XL, gone….Tahoe, gone…Avalanche…gone.  All gone because they serve no purpose on 95% of American streets.



next up….discussing Ford’s dismal US sales.