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Talking about Ford to explore sale of Aston Martin – Automotive –



Ford to explore sale of Aston Martin – Automotive –


Ah Ford, I see that stupidity has not left you.  By selling (or trying to sell) Aston martin, you threw away a great opportunity to position yourself as a purveyor of fine cars.  Every time you sell off a Premier group brand, you reduce yourself to the likes of Kia.  Selling the wings doesn’t polish the blue oval.



Talking about Renault mum on news of Ford call to Ghosn – Automotive –



Renault mum on news of Ford call to Ghosn – Automotive –


Ford, a platform sharing partnership is not the solution to your problems.  Your products sell just fine in Europe.  The Focus outsells everything else in Great Britian.  Your problem is your unwillingness to bring your good products over from Europe to NA.  Your problem is not to execute quickly enough to respond to market trends and customer demands.  You say you were surprised by the migration away from SUVs?  HELLO!  The writing has been on the wall for months, even years now.  You spend too much time listening to GM blow smoke about how their SUV sales are doing great.  WELL DUH, they are giving away gas money!


Your problems are not the same as GMs problems.  The quicker you figure this out the faster you can make your "Bold Moves"

Downtown Tulsa Rains

There is something so alluring about watching the storms roll in from a downtown Tulsa high rise.  You can see the storm from so far away and watch as each piece of the landscape turns white under a sheet of rain.  Now of course you would get this effect with a snowstorm as well, but storms add the excitement of lightning and thunder.
I think its particularly appealing to watch considering all of the crap in the world these days.  It hearkens back to a time when you didn’t have radar, just visual inspection of what was occuring.  This is how people saw storms back in the 20s, watching from the Philtower or the National Bank building.

Talking about Ford may sell Land Rover and Jaguar brands – Automotive –



Ford may sell Land Rover and Jaguar brands – Automotive –


Uh Ford, let’s not do this.  While I think we can admit that it has taken much longer than expected to get jaguar turned around, the new models are finally starting to impress.  S-Types have great second hand value and reputation for reliablity, something that escaped Jaguar for decades.  The new XK sold really well.  Keep Jaguar and keep doing what you have been.

Land Rover should stay too, with the same ideas in mind as Jaguar.  The LR3 was a big hit and I’m sure the LR2 will be too.  SUVs will soon become a luxury item and Land Rover is a brand associated with REAL SUVs. 

What you need to do, Ford, is can Lincoln and Mercury.  These brands are crap because you made them that way.  Nothing in their lineups seriously differentiates them from Ford main line.  Lincoln is the Oldsmobile of Ford.  Mercury is just a Ford with the same options being charged more.  Don’t stand there and tell me customers identify quality or luxury with these brands…those customers are either dead or have one foot in the grave.  Look at yourselves.  You just released a "Palm Beach Edition" Grand Marquis.  Oh I’m sure you all will be a hit at the retirement villages everywhere.

One other thing, this "middle market" that you think exists with Mercury just isn’t there.  It hasn’t been for decades now.  When people think Ford, they aren’t thinking Waterfall, they are thinking Blue Oval.  Customers are either going to spend a lot on a car, or not spend much at all.  So to do that you sell decontented Fords (which you are good at) or you sell Land Rovers and Jaguars.