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New Tulsa destinations suck.

Expressjet news

I’m sure most people think the new non stop destinations out of Tulsa are great.  I’m not one of them.  You know what the best non stop destinations are out of Tulsa?  Houston, Chicago and Newark, NJ.  You want to know why?  Because they fly non stop INTERNATIONALLY.  I can go from Tulsa->Newark->Hong Kong.  That’s all, thats it.  Or I could go from Tulsa->Houston->Tokyo.
I just LOVE what this article states….
""The Tulsa community has consistently requested the addition of
non-stop flights to the west coast."
Yes, and by west coast I think I speak for most people when we meant LAX!  OKC offers a non stop to LAX, if I travel east XNA (Northwest Arkansas) offers a non stop to LAX.  But for some reason, it is like there is an embargo preventing Tulsa from flying non stop to LAX, the gateway to Asia.  I would have even took a non stop to San Francisco.  Thats something none of the nearby cities can claim.  But what do we get?  Oh we get an LA flight all right….LA-Ontario….the Chicago Midway of the West.  I’m sure the response will be, "oh you can just hop a bus over to LAX"  oh yeah I’ll just get right on that, so that when I arrive all sweaty and flustered I can take a seat next to my calm and collected OKC and XNA comrades at the LAX terminal.
The other new flights are just depressing….Sacramento?  I dont want to go see the Governator.  San Diego?  Sure, if I want Sea World or the Zoo….but I don’t.  I think Austin and San Antonio are token flights because Texas is Expressjet’s home turf….I dont see direct link business between Tulsa and those routes.  ABQ seems to be a strange route that keeps popping up, Great Plains used to fly it.  Again, i see no business purpose for this, and very minor tourism interest.
Expressjet should reevaluate its "west coast" destinations and provide Tulsans with a non stop that links us to the world, not drop us off at various US tourist traps.