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Talking about My Live Search collection

  Here is a list of places I have lived.  Some of my dates are a little fuzzy on my college years, but I think I have all of them pretty close.  I chose to only place one pushpin for Gregson Hall even though I stayed there through multiple semesters.


My Live Search Maps collection

441 Lawrence Road 273, Smithville, AR 72466-8057, United States
Wallis Farms 1976-1994

Gregson Hall- U of A
August 1995-May 1996 August 1996-May 1997 August 1997-May 1998

Yokum Hall U of A
August 1994-May 1995

1st Summer Apartment
May 1995-August 1995

Park Lake Apartments
May 1996-August 1996

356 S University
May 1997-August 1997

Tara Apartments #1
1st Apartment at Tara May 1998 -August 1998 Lived with Steve, Medley, Hai, Chris, Wiggins

Tara Apartment #2
August 1998-May 1999 Moved into single by myself

1220 N Eastwood Dr, Fayetteville, AR 72701-2322, United States
April 1999-May 2000 Moved in with Julia in her old parent’s place

2 S University Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72701-5832, United States
May 2000-July 2002 Dunk Pond Apartments

Woodland Oaks Luxury Apts
July 2002 – Oct 2002Moved in with Tinna

First House
October 2002-March 2006

Current House
March 2006 – Present