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Finished Viking: Battle for Asgard

I finally finished this game on normal difficulty.  Like quite a few games I’ve played lately, the end boss was ridiculously hard compared to the rest of the game.  I prefer a slow build up in difficulty so that the guys right before the main boss are pretty tough themselves.  This wasn’t the case though.

Some reviews really panned this game, but it was one of those games that you had to stick through it to really appreciate it.

So the things I liked:

Nice move combinations
The mix of stealth with pure hack and slash
Fairly decent variety in the environment.  Some areas were pretty dark
"Even" distribution of achievements.  At the end of the game I had everything but one achievement (I’ll get to that later)

Things I didn’t like:

Some backtracking (leystones helped but not always)
One achievement wouldn’t trigger when I SWORE I met the requirements.  I think this was a game save bug issue.  I may go back and play on hard and see if I can pick it up again.


All in all a great game.  It will have limited replay value, but it was a game that kept me engaged.