More uselss computing history (Toadie this time)

I have another computing entity besides MONSTER.  Toadie came about as a “helper computer” for MONSTER (a Monster has its Toadie, get it)?  Toadie was originally cobbled together from spare parts during my work at Datafix.  It started out as a 486 133Mhz box.  I have no idea what OS I was running on the thing.  Toadie v1 didn’t last very long in this incarnation.

Toadie quickly lept from being a mundane PC to being a mobile computer.  Toadie v2 was actually an HP OmniGo 100.  This was a sweet little PDA that ran the GEOS operating system.

Toadie v3 came into being after Toadie v2 met its demise getting dropped while walking out of Wal-Mart.  v3 was an HP HP 320LX.  This was one of the first PDAs running Windows CE (version ONE!)  The cool thing about this PDA was that to upgrade to v2 of Windows CE, you just popped in this chip and BAM! Windows CE v2!

Toadie v4 came about when I got an HP Journada 420.  It was a rather bulky thing and it ran Windows CE 2.11.  If I recall correctly this one got broken too because I moved on to…

Toadie v5, which was an HP Jornada 548.  This ran Pocket PC 2000.  Pretty impressive unit.

At this point I was carrying a cell phone too, and I had been through various attempts at getting a smart phone, but nothing that could really be called a mobile computer.  Finally Sprint came out with the Toshiba 2032.  This ran Pocket PC 2002.  Unfortunately it was also a very dreadful PDA phone.  So Toadie v6 was short lived.

I went back to carrying a regular mobile phone, except this time the mobile had bluetooth.  So I came across an iPaq 3970 which was running Pocket PC 2002, but I was able to upgrade it to WIndows Mobile 2003.  This was a wonderfully fast PDA and when paired to my bluetooth phone I could surf the web on it.  It was a great performer but I still wanted convergence. This became Toadie v7 for a short time.

This brings us to Toadie v8.  This was the PPC-6600 from Sprint.  It was an awesome phone running Windows Mobile 2003.  Toadie v7.  One thing ticked me off with Sprint though is that they wouldn’t offer an upgrade to Windows Mobile 5.  This, combined with the fact that I was out of contract and ready to change, led me to the next iteration of Toadie.

Toadie v9 was the HTC 8125 on Cingular.  Work was paying for my phone line now, so I used it as an excuse to dump Sprint.  The 8125 was a decent phone, but it was woefully bulky.  It also had poor battery life and was overall pretty slow on Cingular’s EDGE network.

Toadie v10 was the Samsung Blackjack.  It started out running Windows Mobile 5, but I upgraded it to WIndows Mobile 6.  The blackjack was an awesome phone, but I accidentally cracked the screen on it and had to get a replacement.

Toadie v11 is a Treo 750.  It is running Windows Mobile 6 Professional.  I love the form factor of this phone and really I haven’t found anything that has made me want to change yet.  The Samsung Epix comes close, but I think I will wait and see if Microsoft will be coming out with a phone of their own.


EDIT 3/26/12  I realize I have left a few off here…

Toadie v12 was a brief foray with a Motorola Q9, I think the proper term for it was a Q9h….at any rate the thing rocked.  It was a hand me down because my Treo was convienently sold while it still had some value.  Unfortunately this Q9 had been really beat up over time.

Toadie v13 was a brief return to a Samsung Blackjack.  It was also a hand me down.

Toadie v14 was a return to a Motorola Q9 h but this one was in MUCH better shape than the hand me down.  I wore this phone out pretty much.  I consider this phone to be the pinnacle of Windows Mobile Standard devices, even though it was only running 6.1 it ran circles around Blackberries and just about anything else.

Toadie v15….the first Windows Phone 7 device…a Samsung Focus.  What an epic device.  It started out with the release version of WIndows Phone but was soon updated to 7.5 in 2011.  Incredible incredible device.  The only reason I parted with it was because..

Toadiev16….an HTC Titan.  Now normally I would not be stepping into another phone quite so fast because the Focus did everything I needed.  However, this was one of those craigslist specials.  for $100 I simply couldn’t resist.  Supposedly it didn’t work, but a factory reset fixed that.

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