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Downtown Tulsa Rains

There is something so alluring about watching the storms roll in from a downtown Tulsa high rise.  You can see the storm from so far away and watch as each piece of the landscape turns white under a sheet of rain.  Now of course you would get this effect with a snowstorm as well, but storms add the excitement of lightning and thunder.
I think its particularly appealing to watch considering all of the crap in the world these days.  It hearkens back to a time when you didn’t have radar, just visual inspection of what was occuring.  This is how people saw storms back in the 20s, watching from the Philtower or the National Bank building.

Talking about Fly brains manipulated by remote control – LiveScience –

Wow, this has got to make the military very happy.  Now they can spray chemicals in the air and then control the enemies with lasers. 

Oh it gets better.  Now they can make CK1 that slips into your bloodstream and goes to your head, then control your shopping habits with lasers mounted in their clothing stores.


Fly brains manipulated by remote control – LiveScience –