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Talking about My Live Search collection

  Here is a list of places I have lived.  Some of my dates are a little fuzzy on my college years, but I think I have all of them pretty close.  I chose to only place one pushpin for Gregson Hall even though I stayed there through multiple semesters.


My Live Search Maps collection

441 Lawrence Road 273, Smithville, AR 72466-8057, United States
Wallis Farms 1976-1994

Gregson Hall- U of A
August 1995-May 1996 August 1996-May 1997 August 1997-May 1998

Yokum Hall U of A
August 1994-May 1995

1st Summer Apartment
May 1995-August 1995

Park Lake Apartments
May 1996-August 1996

356 S University
May 1997-August 1997

Tara Apartments #1
1st Apartment at Tara May 1998 -August 1998 Lived with Steve, Medley, Hai, Chris, Wiggins

Tara Apartment #2
August 1998-May 1999 Moved into single by myself

1220 N Eastwood Dr, Fayetteville, AR 72701-2322, United States
April 1999-May 2000 Moved in with Julia in her old parent’s place

2 S University Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72701-5832, United States
May 2000-July 2002 Dunk Pond Apartments

Woodland Oaks Luxury Apts
July 2002 – Oct 2002Moved in with Tinna

First House
October 2002-March 2006

Current House
March 2006 – Present


New Tulsa destinations suck.

Expressjet news

I’m sure most people think the new non stop destinations out of Tulsa are great.  I’m not one of them.  You know what the best non stop destinations are out of Tulsa?  Houston, Chicago and Newark, NJ.  You want to know why?  Because they fly non stop INTERNATIONALLY.  I can go from Tulsa->Newark->Hong Kong.  That’s all, thats it.  Or I could go from Tulsa->Houston->Tokyo.
I just LOVE what this article states….
""The Tulsa community has consistently requested the addition of
non-stop flights to the west coast."
Yes, and by west coast I think I speak for most people when we meant LAX!  OKC offers a non stop to LAX, if I travel east XNA (Northwest Arkansas) offers a non stop to LAX.  But for some reason, it is like there is an embargo preventing Tulsa from flying non stop to LAX, the gateway to Asia.  I would have even took a non stop to San Francisco.  Thats something none of the nearby cities can claim.  But what do we get?  Oh we get an LA flight all right….LA-Ontario….the Chicago Midway of the West.  I’m sure the response will be, "oh you can just hop a bus over to LAX"  oh yeah I’ll just get right on that, so that when I arrive all sweaty and flustered I can take a seat next to my calm and collected OKC and XNA comrades at the LAX terminal.
The other new flights are just depressing….Sacramento?  I dont want to go see the Governator.  San Diego?  Sure, if I want Sea World or the Zoo….but I don’t.  I think Austin and San Antonio are token flights because Texas is Expressjet’s home turf….I dont see direct link business between Tulsa and those routes.  ABQ seems to be a strange route that keeps popping up, Great Plains used to fly it.  Again, i see no business purpose for this, and very minor tourism interest.
Expressjet should reevaluate its "west coast" destinations and provide Tulsans with a non stop that links us to the world, not drop us off at various US tourist traps.

$@@#& the TSA

Well, so I just wrapped up my latest travel adventure.  I must say that not much has changed with the TSA and their inconsistent application of policy and rules.
Many many moons ago, as I would travel through the Tulsa airport, they would give me the line "we recommend that you take off your shoes".  ok, thanks for the advice, I will take that recoomendation into consideration.  then as I would go through the line they would say, "if you don’t take off your shoes we will search you.  Ok, so which is it?  You either SUGGEST that I take off my shoes as an OPTIONAL part of security, or you REQUIRE that I take off my shoes to avoid further security hassle.  Well, that was the past, and it seems that they got their act together on shoes and now it is required.  Thanks TSA for finally getting your act and wording together.
So now we move on to the next debacle….toiletries.  Apparently Aboo the terrorist has figured out how to combine various lotions and deoderants together to form a bomb.  I knew there was something fishy with those "power balls" in my gel deoderant….but hey at least I never stink!  So anyways now the policy is you must take toiletries no larger than 3oz and they must fit in a qt clear bag…(which just so happens to be a size perfected by Zip Lock-how &^%$^ convienent).
So no problem, i had most of my common items in travel sizes already, except for one bottle of lotion that was 3.5oz.  big deal, I said, it didn’t even have .5 oz of lotion left in it.  So on my trip to denver I whisk through tulsa security, no problems.  I whisk back through Denver security, no problem.  now on to my most recent houston trip.  I whisk through Tulsa security no problem…..
Houston Security on return.  I do as the TSA ppl say and pull out all my crap, I lay my shoes and plastic baggy in the same tray and it goes through.  Then as it is passing through the detector, Mr. TSA Hero Wannabe decides to riffle through my stuff, picks out my 3.5 oz bottle of lotion and makes a face at me like I’m the biggest fuckup this side of Texas.  Just as he is saying "THIS IS OVER 3 OZ" I was like, it doesn’t even have .5 oz of lotion left in it.  Then he says it doesnt matter, its the container size, yadda yadda yadda.  I was like ‘FINE, ENJOY your EXPERIMENT IN IDOCY AND KEEP IT, I’M GOING HOME WHERE IT PASSED THROUGH SECURITY JUST FINE!"  Boy you know those TSA folks must have done a lot of research to determine that .5 OZ makes a world of difference in mixing lotions and astringents into bomb liquids.  With that extra .5 OZ I’m sure it can do a lot of damage.  Nevermind the clear, unmarked bottle of witch hazel in the SAME BAG that could have been anything from acid to nitroglicerin.  (I told my travel companions this comment out load and they got all freakish not to say that out loud-whatever)\
ultimately, it didn’t matter to me that the lotion was taken.  I really could have cared less because it was on its last legs.  What bothered me, and continues to bother me is the fact that TSA cannot implement rules across all airports consistently.  if they had, the bottle would have not made it through Tulsa Security the first time I tried to bring it.
SO, to combat this stupidity, I have devised a subtle way to fuck with TSA and get away with it.
I will be removing all the labels from my toiletries.  I will be using more 3 oz clear bottles like the one i already had.  Except this time I’m going to place labels on the bottles with things like ‘Bullshit Remover’  ‘Phuck Yoose’ ‘Dumbass Repellant (TSA Approved)’  and of course the all important ‘Common Sense Protectant (SPF 30)’
Now you may say "oh, you are just going to piss them off and they will take them all away"  Sure, jack booted gov thugs can do whatever they want, however they would have a hard time justifying taking away harmless liquids that meet the bag and oz requirements.  remember, thats all the rules say, it doesnt say what the labels of the contents have to be. 
The other scenario is that they will challenge how many of the bottles are 3 oz.  Fine, WEIGH THEM.  You want to be pricks then go right ahead and PROVE to me they are over 3 oz.  I seriously doubt these monkeys have postage scales so that excuse will fly like a lead balloon.
The most likely response from the TSA Hero Wannabes will be they will pull me aside and do a more thorough search just to be assholes.  That’s fine, I will just inform them that before we start the search I will need to apply some Dumbass Repellant because it is "medically necessary" and then offer them some Bullshit Remover afterwards.