People and Cell phones

I put this under hobbies, because apparently for some people, seeing how fast you can get the latest cell phone and then post a "review" about it seems to be a hobby.  I really don’t understand it really.

Case in point.  There is this new phone, it is made by LG.  Well the LG-325 is the 2nd phone for SprintPCS that has bluetooth (some people say its the 4th, but thats another story).  Anyhow, I’ve never seen so much hype over a single device.  I happen to have a Sony Ericsson T608.  It isn’t the best phone in the world, but it does bluetooth, and it certainly isnt the worst. 

People think the LG-325 is the best thing, but the stupid thing cannot even connect to a laptop.  Sprint disabled half of the stuff on the phone.

In the meantime I’ll be sticking with my T608.