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Kim Jong Il and his buddies

So I’m sitting here reading the news about North Korea saying it has nukes.  Not that this is a big surprise but what got me was this photo:

In this photo you have Il looking as ill as ever, with the standard atrocious haircut and his 70s leaisure/jumpsuit that looks like something straight out of a Austin Powers movie (where is Mini Il?).  But what got me was his trusty sidekick.

In the background you see this guy.  Obviously he is an important guy, because you want to be surrounded by important people so you look smart (see Bush, Cheney, et al).  What gets me is look at this guys dress!

This guy is literally covered in medals, awards, and what have you.  I mean, do they give out medals for attendance or something?  It looks like he has one for everytime he went to the buffet.  I’m not sure they should really be giving out medals for who kissed the most ass.  I know for sure the one on the lower right is the Brownnoser of the Year Award.

You also have to wonder how mobile this guy is.  He is probably in his 60s, yet here is standing with all of this brass attached to him.  Either this guy is one stout dude, or he is a statue.  Perhaps even one of those cutouts you see at conferences to take your picture with.

Surely that’s it, because the way his eyes look if it were a real person he would be staring at Il’s butt.


New Toy

I got an hp rx3115.  Replaces my old Compaq 3970 which was starting to show its age.  Very nice device.